We’re Better Together

Sometimes to get to the next level, you need to work together as a team. Collaborate. And that is exactly what I am doing. Over the past year, my good friend Slot Mole has been there for me, helping redesign the site, manage the channel and reach out to the slot community and even joining me on some of my destination journeys.

I met Slot Mole over 7 years ago through the slotmachinesforum when he lived back in Alberta. We stayed in touch quite often. Posting about our casino visits and game preferences. Five Years ago today, something amazing happened. My buddy Slot Mole decided to move to Ontario. I was so excited when he decided to make this journey, that I made sure to meet up with him just as soon as I could (after all he had never been to the area before). I showed Slot Mole around even took him to Niagara Falls (where he now resides). The Stories, the Memories. The wins.

Today I would like to announce my partnership with Slot Mole and The Shamus of Slots. With his help and expertise, we will both take The Shamus of Slots to the next level.

Over the next few months, we will both be working together on some new and exciting projects and of course videos that we cant wait to share with all of you. We also will be traveling to the annual G2E again this Fall to report on what new and exciting.

Bigger and Better things come when two minds think alike. And that is exactly what is happening. You may not see it right now, but were working together on something amazing. With both the Shamus and Slot Mole’s creativity and experience, you never know what to expect. One word comes to mind, and that word is “Epic”.

/\/\/\ The Shamus /\/\/\