Surprise Party!

I know Its been a while since we last gathered but I am happy to announce that were back with another Surprise Party!

Never been to a Shamus Surprise Party? Why not join us at our next party. Subscribe, Like and click the bell to stay notified. You just never know when there will be a Surprise Party.

What should you expect at a Shamus Surprise Party? Well first of all, its hours of pure entertainment! Its not just about playing slots (dont worry cause we do play slots), but most importantly its about having fun as a group and interacting with one or another. To make the party even more fun, there are sometimes Party games. Everyone gets a chance to play and win.

So when is the next Surprise Party?

Get those dishes done because Slot Mole will be hosting one TONIGHT (Aug 6) beginning at 8pm EST. To join the party, be sure to login to YouTube by 8pm. We will send out a notification as soon as the party begins. You can also join the stream anytime by going to

Hope to see you all at the next Surprise Party!