Slot Moles G2E19 Trip Report

Hey Everyone, I’m Slot Mole (SlotM). Chief editor of The Shamus of Slots. I once again had the great opportunity to participate in this years G2E representing SOS and players all around. I enjoy going to the show and seeing what’s new and exciting then sharing it with all of you. Like previous years there’s always a story to share and this one is definitely one I wont forget. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy the report.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Departure

The journey starts out at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. I successfully check-in using the automated terminals and make it through customs in record time. Once through security, I get to the point of no return. The US departures in Terminal 1. Usually I fly out of terminal 3 with West Jet, but because Air Canada has a last minute seat sale I ended up going with them. As soon as you get down stairs, you are greeted to a mass-crowed of people (and being the dinner hour they were hungry). Long line ups at the restaurants. Pearson Airport is undergoing renovations (as usual) so the choices are limited. I walked around seeing what my options were. There was an Asian Grill, a sit down Grill House, and a Burger Joint. I decided to choose the Burger Joint as it wasn’t too busy. Typical Pearson prices.

And what a Burger Joint it was. Probably one of the best burgers I had in along time. Not sure it was worth the $25 though. With less than an hour till my flight I decide to head towards the gate. I quickly checked in with The Shamus to see if he made it ok (he took the earlier flight). No answer. Must be still making his way to the hotel. Shortly after they start boarding.

Yup. Stuck at the very back of the plane (zone 6). I had to wait for quite a while. Finally I hear “well those who are still standing and waiting, come-on aboard and lets head to Vegas”. The very few people left, we finally get on the plane. Now I can see why Air Canada has a seat sale. Absolutely no room. Every single space is used by a body. I never been packed in so tight before. I find my seat (against the window) in the very back of the plane. row 36 to be exact. Finally we get the usual safety demonstration (both in English and French cause were in Canada) and away we go.

Air Canada has a new Wi-Fi entertainment service, so I can choose from a large variety of movies and shows. I was able to connect to the Wi-Fi no problem but when I went to select the movies, it would not let me scroll through the list. Guess I am stuck with the first 4 selections. Aladdin it is.

The Arrival

About an hour into the flight, I get approached by the flight attendant. “my list shows that you have pre-ordered a meal”. If you read my last horrific experience with Air Canada, they took my meal away because my Credit Card would not work. So I made sure to have everything pre-arranged this time. They gave me a few choices. I decided to go with the Pizza. They also gave me a snack with it as well. Overall I was happy with my selection.

The flight was fine, very little turbulence. We made it to Vegas in a little over 4 hours. When we arrived in Vegas, the airport was crowded (with holiday goers leaving back to Toronto). As usual Air Canada has the very far end of the terminal. So its quite a long trek to go meet up with your luggage. Passing through the terminal, I noticed some brand new IGT games. The Price is right. This game was literally just released a few days ago. So surprised to see the airport of all places to have it. Trying to resist the urge of playing it, I make my way towards the baggage claim. I checked in also to make sure there were no messages.

I love the new renovated terminal 3. Its so much easier to get around and the Tram makes is so much faster. Once I got off the tram, I arrived at the luggage carousel to meet up with my bag (which was already there). My bags were easy identifiable as I have some gold christmas ribbon on the handle (an idea my mom had years ago). Because its not like everyone has different luggage?? Taking a few more pics of the terminal with my phone, I than proceeded to the transport pickup area where I see what my available options are. Usually I just grab a bus (as it the cheapest way). Sometimes I grab a cab if there is a long wait for the bus. I walked up to the Bell Transport counter and ask how long it would be. I put my phone down on my luggage for a moment while I pay the lady. She says to proceed across the street. I then grab my luggage and head towards the bus.

When I get to the bus, the driver was very nice and said to have a seat. I get on the bus, about to check my email/messages on my phone when I realized that my phone is missing. I quickly check every pocket I have. No phone. Oh No. I must have left it at the desk.. I tell the driver to hold on and quickly run to the desk. I asked the lady if she has seen my phone. She says no. She offered to call it, but it just goes to voicemail. Now I am starting to worry. I think to myself it cant have gotten far, the lady suggested to go into the terminal and call lost and found. “great idea”. I head into the terminal and do just that. Mind you its after midnight and of course they are closed. I ask the driver for my bag back as I am going to login to my tablet to track the phone (yes you can do that with iphones and androids). I successfully locate my phone to the airport. duh! yeah its here someone where but because the airport is a gigantic concreate box, the GPS cant tell me exactly where it is. So that is no help. Im tired. I just want to go to the hotel. I decided to leave it for the night and board the next bus.

Along our journey, we make our way past Hooters. Sorry OYO. When the heck did that change? even people staying there are like wtf? Even the driver was surprised as they just changed over yesterday. That’s Vegas for you. Always making changes.

The Check-in

6 hotel stops later (yeah I really should have taken a cab), we make it to the fabulous Mirage. Now I haven’t stayed at this hotel is like 15 years so this is going to be a real treat indeed. Its close to 1am. The VIP checkin is closed (that was what I was instructed to go to). Luckly there are No lines. Guess everyone has or hasn’t checked in. I give the lady my information. We go over all the details and I was *shocked* to find that they wanted a $400 deposit for incidentals. yikes. I was originally told $200. I old have $500 cash on me. And my cell phone is lost. This is not what I need right now. I mentioned to her I need this money for the week. She goes and talks to her supervisor (in the little room behind the aquarium). Comes back out with a smile and says, we can accept $100 deposit but that it will surrender my resort credits. Im like “no” I don’t think that is fair. I rather just give you the $400 cash deposit. She very apologetic and says “the suites here at the Mirage are pretty nice”. Im like “whatever, still not happy”. I thanked her for what she offered and made my way to the room.

The Suite at the Mirage

As I am getting off the 17th floor at the Mirage, I find that my room is just left of the elevator. That was a nice thing. Unlike last year at the Gold Coast, they put me in a room at the very far end. I open the door and the lights come on automatically. The “WOW” factor hits me big time.

As I walk into the suite, I look to my left to find a huge LCD TV with a separate seating area. And on the right a massive king-sized bed all done up nicely. Next to the master bed was a huge bathroom (probably larger than my bedroom at home). With a huge vanity and soaker tub. But what’s better then one bathroom? how about two! On the other side of the suite is another bathroom with a full-sized stand up shower and vanity. Dam. The lady at the check-in desk wasn’t wrong. This place is very nice.

Before getting into bed, I quickly logged in and tracked my cell phone. Interesting enough. The phone moved from the Airport to the Plaza in Downtown Las Vegas. I decided to set the alarm off on it. and put a message to return it to the Mirage hoping that someone will do so.

After watching a bit of TV, I nod off tucked tightly in my bed. It was the most luxurious feeling ever. Morning of course came around quickly. I really wanted to sleep in but I couldn’t as I had to meet up with The Shamus.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Good Morning Las Vegas

After having a hot shower, I decided to login to see if there is any update on the location of my cell phone. Sure enough its moved from the Plaza to the Main Street Station Casino (across the street). I decided to give the hotel a call to see if they have seen it. They got me in touch with the Security who said that they never saw it. I noticed it was getting late and I have a bus to catch, so I head down stairs. On my way out I stop by the VIP lounge and grab a morning coffee. The ladies were very friendly and welcomed my to the Mirage and asked if there was anything they could do to help. I told them about my missing cell phone. They felt bad but said that if it turns up to let me know. Walking outside was invigorating. Clear as can be not too hot. I ended up walking across the street to Harrahs. Walking though Harrahs, not a lot has changed in the gaming floor. Lots of new games and still a good mix of older ones. The further you get back the newer things get. They completely renovated the check-in area.

Have you seen the Bus?

Walking outside, you notice a lot of construction. Apparently they are working on new project behind Harrahs. Usually the bus for Sams Town is behind the parking garage. Not this time. I asked a few construction workers if they know where the bus stop is. They said it was moved to the Outlet Mall across the street. Yikes. That’s a long ways from here. Guess I will have no choice but to take a cab. Walking back through the construction zone, I see the cab stand and then hop a cab over to Sams Town. A very nice cabbie drove me over in about 15 minutes. Costed about $28. great another unexpected expense. I played a few games at Sams Town. Boy is that place dead. Seems like that place has lost a lot of players.

Shortly after arriving, I met up with The Shamus (who was staying at Sams Town). We then got into a rental car and made our way to the Green Valley Ranch were we had a lunch appointment.

Green Valley Ranch

After an amazing lunch at a seafood restaurant across from Green Valley Ranch, we then decided to checkout the Casino to see what it has to offer. From my opinion this is a really nice casino that everyone should visit. Very clean, friendly and the best selection of slots. They had the newer Invaders Return from the Planet Moolah game. I just had to give it a try. Luckily I triggered the bonus. What a neat game that is. So much fun and the bonus comes up quite frequently.

I also tried IGT’s Griffins Throne (one of my favorite games). Got lucky on there and won $150 on min bet.

And the luck didn’t stop there, I also had a nice 88x hit on Lucky 88. Of course you don’t win every game, there were some that I just could not get to bonus like Dragons Link and the new Wizard of Oz Munchinland

I even tried the new Willy Wonka Wonkavator. Leaving up from Green Valley Ranch we decided to make our way to the next casino Silverton.

Silverton Casino

The drive to Silverton wasn’t to bad. traffic was getting heavy as it was getting near rush-hour. We made it over there in about 20 minutes. Another casino I never visited before, Silverton is a really nice place. Attached to a Bass Pro Fishing store, the entrance is very rustic.

Just around the corner I say a new game that I really wanted to try. The new Dollar Storm by Aristocrat. There has been a lot of hype about this game so I knew I had to give it a try. Starting out I quickly noticed that this game is dam expensive to play. Minimum bet is $1 in pennies. In return you get 100 lines. The higher the denom the less lines. The game quickly hoovered up $100 and not giving a bonus. Yikes. Need to move on.

I then saw some classic WMS games. Thought I would give them a shot. Nothing. No matter what game I played, I could not get a bonus. I was Bonusless at Silverton. Kinda reminded me of a time I had at Southpoint. Kinda puts a bad taste into your mouth. Broke for the day I decided to check the where-abouts of my cell phone.

Never Give Up Trying

Looking on my other cell phone (yup I have a spare) It shows that it hasn’t moved from the Main Street Station Casino. So I decided to call the casino again to see if it was turned in. While on hold, I set off the alarm on it again. The security desk picks up and I ask if a phone was turned in. They guy said funny thing, someone called not long ago and asked the same thing. I told him that mine has a message to return it to the Mirage and that I just set the alarm on it. The security guy replied “yup, we got your phone”. Im like really? he said “I hear it in the safe behind me. Just come with your ID and claim the phone”. I could not believe it. They actually have my phone.

I told The Shamus the great news and he said “well lets go and get it”. And that is exactly what we did. When we arrived at the Main Street Station Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, I was taken into the back Security office. The guy showed me a few pictures of the phone and I was able to identify it. I was reunited back with my best friend. I thanked the Main Street Station Casino for everything they did. They are a great bunch of people there.

Checking my phone, I quickly returned some unanswered messages while making my way back to my hotel. The Shamus was so happy that I got my phone back. Who would have thought I would have been able to recover my phone in such a large city. Only if the phone could tell us the story on how it ended up 20 miles from the Airport at the Main Street Station Casino near Freemont Street. What a journey.

$300 Free Play, what to Play?

One of the offers I had during my stay was $300 in Free Play. After a losing night elsewhere, why not see if I could change the luck around. I have a quick look around the slot floor. Mirage has most of the latest slots. I did however find some older ones. I came across one of my old favorites: WMS Hot Hot Penny 2. I put my players card in and dialed it up to nickels. OMG. First spin bonus. What was the chances of that happening. Nice $40 bonus. That helps. I decided to keep playing and continue to turn the Free Play into Cash. I managed to turn all $300.

I then proceed to a few other games and the downward trend hit. Nothing would bonus. A hundred gone just like that. I noticed the brand new Buffalo Revolution. I figured maybe I would have a chance at getting something there. Again, not a bonus in sight. Down to my last hundred or so. I finally triggered the bonus. This game is pretty cool. Starts out with a wheel and you either spin to win credits, additional buffalos, a progressive or start the free games. The wheel awarded me one gold buffalo to start. Then on the second spin two more gold buffalos. Then on the third spin three more gold buffalos. Im thinking to myself, “wow”. Then on the next spin, I couldn’t believe it. three more gold buffalos. Now I am thinking to myself it going to stop. Nope! the next spin I landed three more buffalos. That’s 12 gold buffalos. There’s no way I was going to get any more. Yup I was right. Starting out the bonus with 12 gold buffalos. I surely thought I was going to get something great out of it. Think again. Not one spin did those dam buffalos line up. 8 spins starting with 12 gold buffalos and I only won about $8. What a heart breaker.

After the bad experience on Buffalo revolution I tried a few other games and got nothing. Broke again. But it was fun trying. I decided to head outside towards the strip.

Now anyone who has stayed in Vegas knows that the Mirage Volcano Show is a must see. Of course this was something I wasn’t going to miss. Breathtaking fire and light show choreographed with Polynesian music. After the show I made my way back to the suite to watch some TV. After all tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Unexpected Surprise

Waking up again to another restful sleep in my king sized bed, I found myself watching the local news. Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. Boy does Vegas sure have a lot of traffic. I made my way downstairs to the casino seeing what my breakfast options were. I walked past a café and decided to stop there. While waiting in line, I started making friends with the fellow G2E goers. Much to my surprised they are exhibitors for Aristocrat Technologies. I formally introduce myself as an slot enthusiast and we ended up having breakfast together. What a great group they were. They were a mixed group of game designers and artists representing Aristocrat and Gimme Games. I had questions and so did they. I had such a great time. After breakfast we all made our way to the Expo Center.

G2E Day One

This year G2E registration was automated. It was quick easy and there were virtually no lines. A definite improvement from the years past. It kinda felt like there were less people that previous years. Hard to tell. I made my way to the various booths. Starting at IGT and heading to the left. A lot of new games being showcased. IGT is also starting to bring back some of the classic games (like Money Storm and Wolf Run) back in its original form. The big game for IGT this year was Jumanji 4D and the new Price is Right.

After IGT I walked to the very other end of the Expo to Aristocrat. I really wanted to see what they had to offer this year. Much to my surprise they had a lot of new games. This years show stopper for Aristocrat was the Star Trek the Next Generation. They had a set so you could get your picture taken in the captain’s chair. That was pretty cool. The line was too long, so I decided to skip it and head right for Scientific Games (SG). Previous years we had to wait to get into their booth. This year there was no problem getting in as they offered a pre-registration when you registered for G2E. A simple scan of my badge and I was in.

When I walked into the SG booth, I was amazed by the size and height of the new games. You immediately notice the new James Bond game. Tall as the eye can see. Beside it was also another eye catching tall game; the new Monopoly Money Grab. SG does a really good job presenting their games at G2E. Its easy to walk through their booth and all the games have demos of the bonuses and features. SG is adding a lot more mechanical games back to its line up including a brand new 5-reel mechanical Dancing Drums.

Its almost lunch time, so I head back to the front of the Expo Center and meet up with The Shamus. This year he is back after a long 4 year break. To make it easier getting around, he decided to use a mobile scooter. This made it much easier for him. We make our way downstairs to the food hall to meet up a long time friend. Getting downstairs appeared to be a challenge as there is no direct access. We had to get security to escort us through the back. When we arrive to the food hall, Warren Davidson, Slot Director from Coushatta Casino was there to meet us. Warren and The Shamus go way back to when he first started going to G2E. We all had a great lunch together catching up on things and discussing all of the recent changes. Warren is the best casino director as he understands the player. Anyone who is in the Kinder LA area, be sure to visit his casino.

After lunch, The Shamus and myself make our way to Konami to see what they have to offer. Konami is a sneaky company. They don’t like to show everything at G2E. There were a few new game themes and innovations showcased but not as many as the others. There was an updated version of the Fortune Cup mechanical horse racing displayed. This game is doing so well at some casinos. Wish my local would get it. Sadly most casinos cant get this game because of the size of the setup and the cost to run it. You only usually see it at the larger destination casinos.

After visiting a few more booths, we decided to call it a day. We have some big dinner plans and its getting late. I decide to leave The Shamus for a while and head back to my suite. He ended up checking out the Venetian/Palazzo.

After a short nap, I got dressed up and made my way to the Palazzo where I met some of the gang from Slot Fanatics. We met at the Grand Lux café. This is a great place to eat at if your not sure what you want. The menu there is extensive and has something for everyone. I decided to be adventurous and try one of their signature dishes: a lemon pasta. OMG! it was delicious. I forgot how big the portions were. I tried to eat as much of it as possible, but it came with a side salad to start and break along with it. Oh soo full.

After dinner, a few of us decided to pool our money together and try out luck. It was a rough start at first. But we managed to get our money back playing the new Wizard of Oz Munchinland. I love that game. After we decided to call it a night and head on back.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A Loud Breakfast

I decided to sleep in a little this morning. No rush being a the show. After another amazing sleep, I found myself well rested and ready for another big day. I made my way downstairs to see what my choices were for breakfast. This time its the New York Deli. Looks quick and easy. Certainly not cheap. Breakfast costed me about $25. Yikes that’s almost $30 cdn. Good thing the casino is picking up this tab.

While enjoying my delicious breakfast, I nearly jolted out of my seat when the dam fire alarm started ringing. Scared the breakfast right out of me. If anyone remembers last year the same thing happened to me at the Flamingo. Luckily it was short lived and was only a test. Dam good thing I wasn’t in the shower.

After breakfast I made my way to the VIP lounge to have a coffee. The ladies one again there to greet me and remembered about losing my cell phone. I told them the story and how I was able to get it back. They were absolutely amazed and happy for me. The Mirage has such good hosts working there.

G2E Day 2

After I made my way to the Expo center and back to G2E to continue the journey. This time I was in the Ainsworth booth. And from what I see and played, they are sure making some great games. Cant wait to play them for real. Then I crossed the path and checked out AGS. This company is continuing to become more popular. Lots of new games and concepts. Their new cabinet is a huge improvement. The stay was short as I was asked to leave cause I was taking pictures. On to the next booth. Everi is another company that continues to get better and better. They have a lot of “different” games coming out. I am seeing some interesting mechanics and features. The new Mask game with Jim Carey looks better than it did last year. Also Everi has a new cabinet that clearly stands out from its older ones.

After having a coffee at the Aristocrat booth and playing the new Cash Express Luxury Line game, I decided to go back to the SG booth and play some of the new Wonka and Wizard of Oz games. Yes! There is a new Wonka; Everlasting Gobstopper. And this game is amazing. It uses the same cabinet as James Bond. Features the Oompa Loompas and a few more surprises. A very fun game to play. Just behind it was a new Wizard of Oz game. Using the same cabinet at the Lord of the Rings, this one looks to be the one you will see everywhere next year. Its betting structure is similar as Lord of the Rings (the higher the bet the better the bonus). But SG did something more. To attract the higher denom players, they added a dollar denom. If you play the dollar denom you get a wheel bonus instead of the other ones. Basically its a game within a game.

After playing a few more games, I decided to call it a day. After all G2E is three full days. Got to save something for the final day. I made my way back to the suite. When I got back, I decided to rest and relax for a while.

The Mirage Pool

After a short rest, I decided to head down to the Mirage Pool. I remember the pool being an amazing place and I would never forgive myself for missing the opportunity (because the pool is only open to hotel guests). It was a nice hot somewhat clear day. Maybe about 26 degrees. I found a nice place by the pool. It wasn’t too busy (as probably most of the people are still at the convention). With a slushie drink in hand, I call this my vacation. Of course that beautiful pool is looking at me, I could not resist going in. Absolutely amazing. The pool was warm. I stayed in there for a while. Just enjoying the sights. While in the pool, I was able to update the website. How cool is that. Wi-Fi by the pool. No wonder you pay the resort fees. Totally worth it for that reason right there.

Dinner at the Mirage

After having a relaxing time by the pool, I quickly head up to my suite and get ready to meet The Shamus for dinner. I invited him to my hotel (after all there is no way I am going to use up the entire resort credit). We decided to checkout the buffet. And what a buffet it was. I have seen a lot of buffets but this one has to be the nicest of them all. The stations are setup like if its tell you a story. The staff there are very patinate about their food. And most importantly the quality of the food is top notch.

After dinner, we decide to try our luck on the casino floor. There’s a few new games near the buffet. Sadly like most casinos on the strip, the games just don’t bonus anymore. After loosing a hundred we both decide to call it a night.

Luxury at its finest

I decided to head back up to the room and relax. Want to see what that soaker tub is like. OMG. The water pressure the hotel has. That huge soaker tub was filled in less than 5 minutes. What a luxury. And the bath salts they provided as well. Im in 10th heaven.

Laying in the tub, I was so relaxed. I didn’t feel like doing much. So I decided to stay in for the rest of the night. I know last night in Vegas, but I was that relaxed. Guess the other hotels will have to wait till next trip. There were some good old Halloween movies on and I needed the rest.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Morning Already?

You would think after getting a long nights rest that I would be up and ready. Think again! That morning was probably the roughest morning to wake up to. I didn’t want to get out of my luxury king sized bed. I layed there for as long as I absolutely could watching the traffic report. suddenly I noticed its 8am. OMG I got to get going. I have an appointment with SG at 8:30!! I scrambled out the door running with my badge in hand and making my way to the Expo Center.

Its 8:30am. Im here!

I arrived close to 8:30am looking around for everyone. A few of us showed up. Kinda not sure whats happening as I never got an email. Only going by what I was told from others. Shortly after a few more people show up and the representative from SG. We all head towards the Expo Center and walk in. Boy it was quiet. Most of the vendors haven’t arrived and the machines were all turned off. I quickly snapped a few pictures of the booths and made my way to the SG booth.

As soon as we walked into the SG booth, we were greeted by all of the game developers. They gave us a quick spiel and off we went. This was our one BIG opportunity to film the new games without interruption. The Shamus and myself made an agreement to split up so that we would try to cover as much as we could. Thank you Scientific Games for allowing me the opportunity to film the new games. The time went by so quickly. All of a sudden it was 10am and the show opened. It was getting more difficult to film so we had to make the decision to call it a day. We decided to checkout a few more booths before leaving G2E.

After the show, I made my way back to my suite and checkout out of the Mirage. What a great stay I had. I will definitely consider staying with them again in the future. They refunded me the $400 cash deposit without any hesitation and thanked me for the stay. Yippie. $400 to play with today.

Freemont Street

With my gambling money ear marked for play, I decided to head to old Vegas to play my one and only favorite. Monopoly Big Event. Yup. Still there at the 4-Queens. Hard to believe its still there. This game goes way back for me as it was one of the first “huh” games I played in 2007. The game is a bit rough as it has seen better days. Some of the buttons don’t work well or at all. According to a reliable source, its the only one left of its kind. A few twenties later its music to my ears “BING! its the big event bonus… Big Event Once Around”. Yes. My favorite bonus. I freakin love this game. Ended up breaking even on it. Decided to move on to the next game. Another Monopoly Game: Monopoly Reel Estate Tycoon. This one can be so good and yet so hard. I tried a few twenties and was unable to trigger a bonus. I moved on to a few other games, then decide its time to move to the next casino. The Freemont.

This casino is usually good to me. But this time it wasn’t so nice. I tried a few new games there and just like the strip, they just would not bonus. So I didn’t stay too long there. One to the next casino. I decided to skip the D this trip as it doesn’t have many older slots like it once use to.


Next stop across the street to Binion’s. Last year this casino was a mess. They were renovating and there wasn’t much slot space. Well the renovations are complete and its much better now. They have a lot of new games and a lot of older ones. I was lucky enough to find a Amazing Live Sea Monkeys. This game is one of my favorites as the win potential is huge. I dialed it up to nickels one bet (20 credits). A few spins in I get the scatter bonus with four symbols. I even managed to pick the winning sea horse for 800 credits. Things are looking up. I continue playing about 20$ or so and got the Free Spins Bonus. Which one to pick gosh gee. I think I will go for the Shamus Pick (very left). Yup 3 spins at 3x. Great were off to a great start. The bonus spins out displaying the most depressing thing “Bonus Complete”. Zero. notta. Nothing. Oh well. that happens on this game. Next few spins I get the Free Spins Bonus again, but is on initiating lines (means it doubles). Back to the pick again. 1, 2, 3. I continue my picking strategy and choose to go with The Shamus pick again. 8 spins at 1x. Hmm. this might have potential. The spins play out the spins increase and so does the multiplier. Guess what? it spins out again. “Bonus Complete”. Another goose egg. Now normally most people would give up at this point. Not me. Im an idiot. I kept playing. About $40 lost, I got another chance to redeem my wisdom. Im going against the odds. I picked 3 this time and it was 10 spins X 1. First spin. Diamond. Second Spin. Another Diamond. Things are looking up. At least its not going to be another goose egg. Then the multipliers and spins start adding up. I managed to get a nice $80 bonus. Probably broke even.

After I decide to see what other games they have to offer, there was a few I haven’t tried in a long time. twenty here and twenty there. All of a sudden im down a hundred. Sure doesn’t take long. Walking towards the front I see the new Buffalo Revolution, should I? I speed walk past that game as fast as I could (fool me once, shame on you.. fool me twice shame on me). Tried a few more and then I declared to be defeated.

One more stop before I head to the airport, the Cosmopolitan. Usually I try to visit this casino a few times on my trip because it has one of the best slot floors in Vegas. I really am kicking myself for not following suite. I saw so many games I wanted to play there. Resisting the urge, I ended up not playing (as I need to save some money for the airport).

I only have cash!!

I arrived at the airport about half an hour later to a long line. The Air Canada check-in process is pretty much gone all automated. They want you to use the kiosks. But what do you do if you don’t have a credit card? I only had cash on me. Should be good enough right? Think again. They ONLY take credit cards. Here is the thing. If you do not have a credit card they demand you to go down the hall and “buy” a pre-paid credit card (which costs an additional $5) from some vending machine. What a scam. I was not happy and expressed my frustration with the supervisor. Typical Air Canada. Don’t give a f*ck about the customer. I tried calling to their customer service center to get a resolution, but of course they weren’t answering their phones. They even said if I don’t pay up that my luggage would not be boarded. WTF! I had no choice but to transfer money on to my prepaid credit card (cause there was no way I was going to be giving the airport more of my money. Another reason I will not be traveling with Air Canada.

The security check took much longer than normal. They seemed to be having issues with the machine jamming. So it took me about 45 minutes to get through. “Shoes off”. Hope you like my stinky feet.

The slots weren’t very nice to me either. I played a few games, but the hundred dollars I had left proved not to last long at all. $60 in Coins-O-Ahoy and not a chest or bonus. Bad Bad Bad. Definitely not like last year.

We left about 30 minutes late due to disorganization of the flight crew. They were looking for a passenger turns out they were on the plane the whole time. The flight back was quiet, very little turbulence. Slept most of the way. Because I didn’t check-in before (which I will do from now on), I was stuck in the middle of the aircraft. Air Canada even forgot to offer me the meal I prepaid for. Unbelievable.

When I arrived in Toronto (almost 45 minutes late), I had to walk many miles from the gate back to the escalator. Of course the moving sidewalks were not operational (as always). Just my luck. Going through customs was quick and easy. Virtually no lines. The luggage was there waiting for me at the carousel as well (which is rare for Pearson). And that is the end my journey.

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