G2E 2019

What's happening?

G2E officially started on Monday and the Trade Expo opened 10am on Tuesday. About an hour before the show opens, the crowd gets larger as they all wait to get into the show. beginning at 10am the opening ceremonies will commence officially starting G2E 2019.

Following the opening ceremonies, various celebrities' will be at several booths around the Expo for the first part of the day. Participants will have the opportunity to get their picture taken.

Then comes the fun. All the vendors have their booths open welcoming everyone so they can showcase and sell you on their latest products and services. The Expo is not just about slot machines, its everything to do with Casinos and its operations. Everything from the light bulbs, to the bill counters that the count room uses, to the linens the hotel uses, to the key vaults that security uses, to the food prep that the kitchen uses. It is absolutely amazing to walk around and see everything.

And then of course there is the slot machines 🙂 Hundreds of thousands of games to see and play. The Shamus along with Slot Mole will be checking out all of the new games and posting them right here for you to see.

So what games are we going to see this year? 

Every slot company this year promises to bring out their biggest and best games. This years focus is "the customer". To see what games are being offered by each manufacturer, click the button on the right.

Thank you everyone. G2E has officially ended for this year. Check back regularly as we will be updating this section will all of the exciting games we saw at G2E.