About Me

Hey Everyone! My name is Blubsy the Clown Fish. I am the proud owner of my very good friend The Shamus of Slots.

Who is The Shamus the Slots you ask? The Shamus is one great guy that I met on one of his slot adventures many, many, years ago. We have been the best of buds for over 10 years now. The Shamus loves to explore Casinos and Racinos all around where he lives which is in Southern Ontario Canada. Being relatively close to the US Border, he tries to visit as many Casinos as he can. Sometimes he even takes me along with him on his wild slot adventures. The cool thing about The Shamus is that he loves to share his stories, experiences and views with all of his friends from sea to sea in his slot videos. He has been filming and sharing his Slot Adventures for many years and hopes to continue producing great videos. In fact he was one of the first to do so.

Sadly, I almost lost my best friend last year when The Shamus got very sick. It was a very sad time (so thats why you may haven’t seen me or heard from him), but amazing enough luck was on his side and he is back at making those amazing videos (which nobody thought was possible).

Over the next few months The Shamus will be sharing is life-battling story to all of his viewers in a series of videos. He will also be reaching out to his viewers over forums, social media and even in person (as we have some exciting trips planned). You will even get to meet some great new slot friends that I cant want to introduce to you.

At anytime you want to reach out to my friend The Shamus of Slots, you can do so by sending him an email to: theshamusofslots@gmail.com

The Shamus wants me to make sure that everyone knows that were still keeping the “fun” in the slot videos and will be debuting a variety of different concepts, contests and more. Just because he may be low-rolling, doesn’t mean that he can’t still have a bit of fun. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to stay up-to-date.

He promises that he will get back to you just as soon as he can.

Take care everyone and Happy Slotting!


/\/\/\/\ the Shamus /\/\/\/\